Panini is healthy fast-food chain that serves real food, cooked from scratch, with ingredients almost entirely free of additives.

Founded by four brothers in 1990 in Stockholm with a store on Jakobsbergsgatan, they now have grown to 29 shops but are still family owned and grounded in the belief that contemporary fast-food is both healthy and green.


Paninis digital transformation journey started in 2017 with Join the Carnival (a business design & innovation company) in the best possible way - Panini were aware of the need, saw the potential in digital tools and welcomed the process to define the transformation journey for the best possible outcome.

At the start of the project they first and foremost missed a customer mobile application and a cloud CRM system connecting the individual stores cash registers to enable loyalty offerings to customers.

The initial scope of a digital loyalty program then evolved over time into a complete brand experience platform. Join the Carnival first created the brand and product strategy, then Patrik Danielsson joined BBH Stockholm and they continued the work together.

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How can digital tools enable a better customer experience, reward loyal customers and remove friction from shopping experience both in-store and online?


Ambitious stakeholders willing to let a thorough pre-study define pain points and opportunities.


Patrik at Join the Carnival brought me in as researcher to contribute to the brand and product strategy.


We started of with a field study where I:

We then analysed those observations and ideated creative solutions.

Below are some of the store managers that contributed to the research.

Early conceptual journey

A slide in a early gamification presentation.

Slides in an early presentation of different concepts.


Based on the pre-study and the early concepts, BBH Stockholm turned it into a innovative, well designed smart suite of services with a customer centric approach.

BBH's model of services below.

Final result available on App Store by BBH Stockholm.

Personal NOTE

This was the first project I did with observational field studies. Jan Chipchase's field study Masterclass and books have been a big research inspiration for me so it was a great experience to do my own first field studies (although without Chipchase's adventure flair).

I'm proud of taking a small part in the beginning of this project and I hope to be able to be part of more projects in the future that bridges the digital and the physical as successfully as this project.